Planted OurFarmBox Bundle

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The perfect pair - the planted OurFarmBox™️ and the prepared 18mm exterior ply sleeve. It doesn't get any better than this and this choice will have your friends and neighbours turning green -with envy.

Not only are you buying a great product with proven results that comes ready for you to sit back and admire whilst it grows you the most nutritious, vibrant plants you can get but you will love the look of the OurFarmBox™️ as it sits snugly nestled inside the beautifully crafted sleeve.

We will not only prepare your OurFarmBox™️ but will source the healthiest and most productive seedlings for your OurFarmBox™️ and plant them for you. We will assemble the sleeve and gently place your OurFarmBox and plants inside to give you something to be truly proud of.

Your OurFarmBox bundle will then be treated with the utmost care and be carefully couriered to you by one of our drivers who will ensure you get your purchase in top condition.

All you need do is admire your new plants and watch how they take off and give you the best gardening experience possible.

Please choose one of the options listed and allow us 3-5 working days to procure, plant and courier your new OurFarmBox garden to you.

We are offering a 15% Discount on this bundle as an introductory offer making it a great way to save much more than that on your monthly grocery bill.

Dimensions are 800mm long x 400mm wide x 310mm high

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