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They say "When life throws you lemons, make lemonade " well, when nature throws you bugs, caterpillars and mould problems then you need to make natural high quality products that can helps rid you of these pests but not harm the environment at the same time.

This set of 3 amber glass bottles with professional sprayers and trigger mechanisms are refillable and re-useable for other products.

The set consists of:

A Natural Bug Spray - for the little sucking and biting pests, and some of the little munching ones too.Garlic and chilli based,

A Caterpillar treatment - the ferocious eaters seem to be everywhere at the moment and this spray mix will act only on caterpillars.

A Leaf problem spray - based on suplhur, this product keeps the powdery mildew and black soot at bay. Great for the hot still summer days when the humidity goes through the roof.

And best of all, when they are empty you can just contact us and we will send you refill or you can choose to rinse the bottle out with soapy water and repurpose it.

They are a must have in your gardening arsenal.

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