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Our Story


In these uncertain times, where reliability and food security are declining, the desire to be close to nature and live a healthier, sustainable lifestyle is more important than ever.   

OurFarmBox is helping to take back control by bringing the farm to the city.  Harvest what you want, when you want it. Delicious herbs and veggies from garden to plate in minutes, reducing food waste and the impact on our environment. 


OurFarmBox was originally born from a need to provide a dependable food supply for poor communities in Southern Africa. Years of research and development culminated in creating a product that enabled seedlings to quickly thrive in any location.  


It’s the combination of the six individual components within the box that, when combined, harmonise to form an optimal environment for growing the best fresh organic produce anywhere with minimal fuss and maximum returns.   


With a passionate and dedicated team at it’s core, OurFarmBox’s vision is to be able to sponsor farm boxes to marginal communities who need them most.  

20% of the profits from the sale of OurFarmBoxes will be dedicated to this cause. 


By purchasing an OurFarmBox, you will not only be successfully and easily growing your own fresh organic produce, you will be helping that vision become a reality.

Growing your own veggies, herbs and flowers brings an unbridled sense of well being and joy... a connection to the earth and a simpler way of living.

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