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How it Works

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The magic of the FarmBox is that each component is amazing in its own right, but when you combine them then they make for a truly special environment that allows plants to flourish. Your order comes with everything you need to get your FarmBox ready, whether it be for seeds or seedlings.

The Mulch Cover: This elasticised cover stops weed growth and conserves water by reducing the amount of exposed substrate. It also protects the fertiliser band underneath it from being leached out by rain. 


The Substrate: In the FarmBox we use coir, a fine-tuned mix of cocopeat for moisture absorption and cocofibre for aeration. The medium is solar sterilised prior to packaging so that all poor soil conditions and potential diseases are eliminated. The perfect ratio of peat to fibre transfers the ideal amount of moisture to the plants from the bottom up whilst allowing the roots to breathe.

The Outer Container: The food grade, UV protected, outer container is lightweight whilst having an internal rib structure that supports the full volume of the substrate. It also houses the organic fertiliser band that gives the plants exactly what they need, whenever they need it. No additional feeding is required for 12 months after planting. Meaning no guessing and no wasting of fertiliser.

The Aeration Screen: This component sits between the water reservoir and the growing medium to allow the proper amount of oxygen to move along the coir fibres to the roots. This prevents the root rot typically found in standard container planting.


The Water Reservoir: This waters the plants automatically through the wicking ability of the cocopeat. This takes the guesswork out of watering and allows you to water your plants less frequently. 

The Filler Tube: This allows for the easy replenishment of water into the reservoir and is the conduit through the substrate. As soon as the reservoir is full, water slowly drips out of the side drain and the filling process can stop. It is supplied in a light colour to prevent snails and slugs from hiding inside it during the daytime.

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