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The Magic is in the Box

You don’t need a green thumb to grow quality vegetables, herbs and flowers quickly and effortlessly. OurFarmBox combines science and technology to provide the perfect conditions for growing bigger, better plants faster. 

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Feeling a little daunted ?? Let us guide you through the process of growing the most uncomplicated food garden possible.

Welcome - we will be in contact soon to see how we can assist you best

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Feed Your Soul

There’s a great sense of pride and achievement that comes from growing your own produce. It is a hands-on activity that brings families and communities together. OurFarmBox makes it easy to grow delicious organic sustainable produce and is perfect for your home, office, school or community garden. 

"I am blown away by how well they grow and how easy it is. And they only get a few hours of sun a day. Walking past them makes me smile. I HIGHLY recommend it!"


"OurFarmBox takes me back to my childhood. My father used to grow all sorts of veggies in our back garden. I had forgotten how delicious home grown veggies taste"


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