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When to water more and Why

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

With the recent bout of hot dry winds we have been having through the Spring period this year, we have found that the plants in OurFarmBoxes have been getting really thirsty. This means that we have had to up the ante when it comes to filling the reservoirs of the OurFarmBoxes in the urban rooftop garden and instead of once a week we have been doing it every three to four days.

Why is this you may ask.

Well, quick Science 101 lesson. Plants' leaves are full of small pores called stomata and these allow the plant to breathe (gaseous exchange for the science buffs in our community) and regulate water loss through evapotranspiration. When it is calm, the evaporated water remains around the under side of the leaf and the plants evapotranspiration rate remains slow. Wind takes this humidity away and if it is a dry wind then the stomata kick into overdrive and try and re-establish a humid environment around the leaf and can loose water at a very rapid rate. Its also why when it cools down at night and the winds die down, the plants re-hydrate and perk up again.

Ordinarily, when the plants in your OurFarmBox are established they will have enough moisture in the substrate which is constantly being replenished through capillary action from the water reservoir to keep up with this increased evapotranspiration rate but this drains the reservoir faster than normal and we need to refill more regularly.

Our advice is therefore the following; keep an eye on the winds and if they are hot and fast then perhaps give your OurFarmBox a regular check to ensure the reservoir is still holding enough water to allow your plants to keep up with the water demands on them. They will thank you for it by continuing to give you an amazing crop.

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